Elke Binnemans ( June 11th 1974) is a Belgian professional makeup artist. Born to a father who is a photographer and a mother who is painter, she studied photography at Karel de Grote College in Antwerp. Elke started her career in a photolab and after she moved on to work as a photographer.

During her professional journey, she was lucky to meet various hair&makeup artist she was fascinated by. This growing passion leads her to go back to school to study makeup in Antwerp. She then decides to complete her education by enrolling in The Hairschool in Amsterdam to study hairstyling. 

She took her first steps in the cosmetics industry by collaborating with different makeup artists like Rudy Cremers, Peter Phillips and Ellis Faas with whom she takes part in Monaco Fashion rocks. This event counts multiple major designers and highlighted the beginning of her career. 

Throughout her 15 years-career, Elke worked with the biggest names. She collaborated with both belgian fashion magazines (Gael, Weekend Knack…) and international fashion magazines like Vogue, Elle, Allure and Marie Claire. Additionally, she did fashion shows, including Paris Fashion Week  where  she worked for Alexander McQueen, Karl Lagerfeld, Tommy Hilfiger, Ann Demeulemeester, Dries Van Noten, Leonard en Levi Strauss. During Amsterdam Fashion Weeks, she worked as chef de cabine make-up with Redken. 

Other brands Elke worked for include Natan, Levi's, Caroline Biss, Tommy Hilfiger, Nike, Martini, Jbc, Avance a.o. Over the years, She had the opportunity to collaborate with plenty of photographers Dirk Lambrechts, Luc Praet, Jan et Jorre, Tomas Vandecasteele, Verne, Monique Van Endert, Andrea Klarin, Carly Hermès, Marcel van der Vlugt, Dirk Alexander, Zeb Daemen, Guy Kokken, Klaartje Lambrechts, Michel De Windt, etc.

Elke possesses all the essential characteristics of a good makeup artist. She is patient and intuitive and ad her technical skills are on point. When a natural look is required, she works towards a minimal perception of makeup and takes the model’s skin type into account to emphasise natural beauty. On the other hand, Elke also has the ability to create a very artistic look, showcasing a burst of colours and letting her creativity expression run wild, all the while keeping the look elegant. As of 2015, Elke is ambassador for Sisley cosmetics.